1st Courage Event Donation Being Processed

Sat May 21 for 1st donation

As promised, we would post all the evidence here of the donations. At 9:45 am this morning, $273,692L from the Courage event was sold in the LL trading system and it resulted in $985.50 USD net profit after all the conversions and fees etc. that it takes to do that. Here is the transaction:

1st Donation Proceeds LL

Then that amount was sent to paypal for processing which takes a few days to process. After all those fees and such have been removed, the net 1st donation that we will make to the Canadian Red Cross will be: $970.72 which will be matched by the Canadian Government. We will post the official receipt from the Canadian Red Cross as soon as this transaction is completed.

1st Donation On It's Way out

Thank you so much to everyone that has participated to this point! There is still 10 more days of the event so we can still do plenty of good to help the people of Alberta!


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