August Donation Made

August REVAMPED Donation

The August donation has been made to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. This month’s donation reflects 14 designers paying for booths this month for a total of $5750L which translated to $22.69USD for donation. Thank you to all who participated this month.


New Round of REVAMPED is NOW OPEN!

REVAMPED Logo 2048

Round 7 of REVAMPED is now open for your shopping pleasure. Come and visit the REVAMPED event for a great new selection of items from our amazing REVAMPED designers. This current round will be open until the August 20th.

REVAMPED is preparing for a new Round!

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Summer is in full swing and REVAMPED is getting ready for a new Round just in time for Back to School. Our Theme this month is Back to School and we can’t wait to see what our amazing designers come up with for this round. Visit the Round Preview page for all the exclusives as they are posted to plan your look. The event will open to the public at 12am SLT on July 28th so get those shopping lists ready!

July Round Donation Made!


The July Revamped donation has been made to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. The total amount of the income from booth rentals was $16,350L. So 50% of that was $8175L and that translated to $32.46USD. Thank you as always to everyone who participates and shops at the event. It’s why we can donate every month to this cause!

Last Call for Designers & Bloggers Round 6

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Round 5 of REVAMPED closed tonight and with it also the application time for designers and bloggers to join us for the next round. We will take one last look at the applications tomorrow before making a final cut-off to prepare for the next round. So please if you were thinking about joining the event in one of those two roles we would love to see your application. Click on the appropriate tab above for all the details and a link to the application.

Courage Event Final Donation Made!

We are so proud to announce that the final donation to the Canadian Red Cross from the Courage Event has been made. The second amount was $502.57USD which converted to $640.77 CAD. That was the amount we donated as you can see from the receipt here. Once again my personal information has been blacked out to protect my privacy. Thank you Thank you Thank you! That means we donated a total of $1870.27 CAD to the cause of which $1229.50 was in time to be matched by the Canadian Government. Therefore the total amount donated through this event was $3100 CAD. Wow. Just amazing for a two week event in Second Life. Thank all for helping!

Alberta Donation 2

Courage Event Donation #2 In Process

Courage Event copy

The Courage Event closed at midnight on May 31st, and the second/final donation is currently being processed. We had a total of $139,057L that was cashed out in the amount of $510.22 USD.

Courage Event Final

Sell 2

Then this was exported to Paypal, which after the fees will net a total of $502.57USD that will be converted to Canadian Dollars through the Red Cross portal and donated just like we did for donation #1. Once that is processed, the receipt will be posted here and we can give you an exact grand total of all funds donated. Thank you to everyone that was a part of this process, we could not have made the impact we have made without you all!

Donation 2 to Paypal